Zhang Group

Status: In progress

Date: May 2021 - now

Tools: WordPress, Elementor

Over the summer, I worked as an intern for the Zhang Lab at the University of Washington. One of the things I wanted to do was to improve their website, which meant replacing the old Adobe Dreamweaver software with WordPress, so the whole lab could work on it wherever and whenever on an easier platform. 

Being the first project which was truly for professional clients, I went down a relatively safer road, going for a simple and clean theme and prioritizing readability and ease of access. I settled on a Roboto font all around and went for a simple dark purple color scheme, aiming to demonstrate the group’s relation to UW. 

For the homepage, I wanted to focus on the overall community of the Zhang Group, so I chose to put a Zoom picture of the entire (well, almost) group that was taken in one of our lab meetings. I thought this really demonstrated our solidarity and our willingness to adapt to the online setting during quarantine. 

Another big aspect of a research group website was the showcasing of its papers and the significance of its work done in its respective fields. I decided to feature the recent papers on one page, color coding the place where it was published and organizing everything in a box along with the main figure of the paper. Doing this for all 80+ publications would prove unfeasible, so I made a button at the top which allowed users to view all the papers, although on a page with much less design but more practicality. 

Currently, I am in the stage of connecting this website draft to the old domain and the UW hosting system. I will continue working on this website and update it for as long as I can. It’s really a pleasure to contribute something to a my mentors, and this whole experience really helped me understand and learn more about their research as well.