Redmond STEM Center

Status: Finished

Date: June 2021 - October 2021

Tools: WordPress, Elementor, Forminator, Yoast SEO, Figma

Replaced by new website

The idea of a youth makerspace was really cool, yet foreign, to me, and Redmond STEM Center embodied that. It went from a simple idea to a real nonprofit, and the students working to make the makerspace a reality were infectiously passionate. This drew me into joining, and I thought I could make them a fresh new design for their website.

We decided on using WordPress so that I could simply hand off the website to RSC once I was finished, as the platform is undeniably accessible and easy to learn.

For the homepage, I was inspired by the Firewatch video game website’s stunning parallax effects. I thought that it would work for the similarly natural, evergreen branding of RSC. In the end, the pastel color palette worked really well with the layering of the trees to create mountain silhouettes. 

To showcase the upcoming Makerspace’s events, I decided to create large, asymmetrical dividers that would sort each event into their section, fitting the rugged landscape vibe of the organization and also emphasizing the significance of each event. RSC’s amazing branding team already had cool graphics made on Figma for my disposal, which I edited slightly to make them fit the website. 

Lastly, another important aspect of the website was the Sponsors page, RSC’s bread-and-butter of acquiring money to fund their non-profit makerspace. I organized the sponsor part of their business plan into these neat grids that outlined the various benefits that came with each stage of sponsorship, hopefully compact enough to not be too imposing. Even though it’s now replaced by another designer’s, this website served its due time for Redmond STEM Center.